Red Dust, Katja Verheul

R&D awards round 2 (2022)

In second round R&D (subsidy Development & Research for Rotterdam artists) from 2022 are 13 of the 65 applications granted. In total, €627.522,00 requested. The 13 accepted applications concern an amount of €138.260,00

Jue Yang
Inventory of tactility: an explorative journey into connection and engagement

Melvin Moti
The Pythagorean Comma

Eden Mitsenmacher
Don't you, forget about me

Katja Verheul
Red Dust (working title)

Maike Hemmers
Color as landscape

Miriam Sentler
The Forest Underground (working title, 2022)

Robert Glas
1986 Or A Reminder Of Louk Hulsman

Salvador Miranda
Border Crossing

Noor Mulders

Nicky Assmann
Expanded Color Fields

Ewan Macbeth
Frozen Still

Giuseppe Licari

Funda Baysal
Ceramics in D minor

About the R&D scheme
The Development and Research Grant (R&D) scheme is aimed at providing an impulse through research and in-depth research, so that Rotterdam visual artists can develop and their visibility is increased. The scheme is intended for visual artists who are registered with CBK Rotterdam.

Publication date: 17 / 08 / 2022