R&D awards round 1 (2023)

In the first round of R&D (grant Development & Research for Rotterdam artists) by 2023, 9 of the 42 applications have been awarded. A total of €409.878,00 was requested. The approved applications concern an amount of €101.521,00. The artists who have received an award are:

Gemma Plum
The Great Marc Evers – Graphic Novel

Marika Vandekraats
The Colonial Life of the Strawberry

Flora Valeska Woudstra
Tranquility as constitutive space: an investigation into working from crip time

Omid Kheirabadi
Happening to one another “a study of performance art as a form of resistance”

Maria Jose Crespo
Aviso: female flickers over built environments

Ben Weir
On the Subtle Interrelationship of Specimens Unrivaled in Our Metropolitan County

Lucie Turn
On speculative narrative, collagraph printmaking and performance

Raffia Lic
Tilting towards, the sensing feeling body

Anne Vera Veen
Mounds, Myths and Meanings

Image: Flora Valeska Woudstra

Publication date: 22 / 03 / 2023