Photo: Lavinia Xausa - Truly Madly Deeply

R&D awards round 2

In the second round of R&D (subsidy Development & Research for Rotterdam artists), 9 of the 30 applications were granted. A total of €241.035,00 was requested. The 9 granted applications concerned an amount of €77.805,00.

Cedric Van Parys – Transnational Monuments

Examine whether monuments can be created with a universal language that does not impose power from above, but rather concentrates the collective power of those around them. In addition, it also discusses what a future monument could be.

Lavinia Xausa – Truly Madly Deeply

A participatory study exploring the community of Feyenoord football supporters through intimate conversations.

Sara Rajaeic – yet another leap year, the descent of a single red shoe in the global south

Investigation into the downing of Ukrainian flight PS752 on January 8, 2020 on the outskirts of Tehran. This will result in a video work focusing on the concept of observation in relation to the essence of pain in relation to the human mind and body.

Marieke van der Lippe – Red Orange Yellow Blues

A scenario in which the experience of sunset is linked to engagement, in which wonder and involvement interact. This will be bundled in a publication.

Alexandra Roozen – TRACES – “Contact sounds should be in balance with the tone”

A series of drawings and a video documenting the development of a new visual language with machine drawing tools.

Kari Robertson – Soft bodies, aquatic architectures and liquid entanglements

Research on the themes of hydrofeminism, aquatic architectures and fluid pollution, with a particular focus on milk. The personal perspective of motherhood here nourishes and enriches the wider practice.

Wapke Feenstra – COW DIALOGUES

Non-linguistic research into business models, farming knowledge, landscape visions and visualization methods to question the concept of “a good life”.

Andreea Peterfi – Personal narratives in the public space

Exploring the carved symbols on the wooden gates of Transylvania in addition to reimagining symbols using contemporary concepts.

Stacii Samadin – Societies New York

Broadening theoretical knowledge in photography to bring personal development to a peak on location in New York.

Publication date: 25 / 08 / 2021