Benjamin Lee Various Chinese dishes

R&D grants

In the first round of R&D (Development & Research subsidy for Rotterdam artists) 17 of the 76 applications were honored. A total of 654.806 euros was requested. The 17 approved applications concerned an amount of 144.137 euros.

Agnes Momirski - Polymorphs

An interdisciplinary research project aimed at the production of a series of immersive audio and video journeys.

Antye Guenther - Future Archeologies

Using 3D tiles as clay tablets for decoration and as a means of communication with the distant future.

Benjamin Li - Portraying and interviewing chefs and owners of Chinese-Indian restaurants

Portraying and interviewing different chefs, owners and waiters of Chinese-Indian restaurants.

Erik Peters - Queer Futurity

Participation in the Hamburger Community of Art residence program of Little Red Riding Hood.

Larisa David - What happens if we wait together?

A research project that looks at relationships and different ways of waiting through conversations, textiles and sound.

Gayatri Kodikal - Under Moonlit Mangroves

An artistic investigation into the mangrove.

Kira Fröse - looking for transparency

A new installation, consisting of small work that comes together in one space and forms a whole.

Kwinnie Lê - We can still build a home while floating

Investigation of the representation of the individual versus the collective and the ownership of space.

Laurence Henriquez - VITA MEA (VTM)

Investigate the addictive design mechanics of video sharing apps, gig economics and transmedia storytelling techniques.

Lili Lu - Mimesis, or: the poetic body

Proposal for making a performance through the connection of imaginary reality, material expression and mime art.

Maike Hemmers - Drawing like a reflex

The development of a methodology to convert inner exploration into drawing.

Myrte van der Molen - Balance of Power

Material research and sculpture development for a new installation.

Natalia Sorzano - Mud, the viscous band

The development of a sculptural band that radiates sound and voices from within, in the form of a performative sculpture and sound installation.

Oana Clitan - All The Feels

An investigation into online communication and the use of GIFs in response.


An investigation into revealing the techniques, development and history of batik using translations of 100 Indonesian amateur translators of a specific 1973 book written in Bahasa Indonesia.

Vincent Ceraudo - The Great Invisible Elephant

Research for the manufacture of a multimedia installation.

Victor Santamarina - A mastery of a privation

Sculptural research on translating the concept of resistance and the possibility of non-being to the medium of sculpture.

Publication date: 04 / 05 / 2021