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R&D grants

In the third round of R&D (Development & Research subsidy for Rotterdam artists) 12 of the 39 applications were honored. A total of EUR 320.487,45 was requested. The 12 applications awarded funding concerned an amount of € 103.839.

The awards went to: Jan Adriaans, Constanca Saraiva, Ash Kilmartin, Danny van den HoonaardMilou van Ham, Anne Wenzel, Josje Hattink, Ilke GersEva Olthof, Micha ZweifelLili Huston-HerterichGerco de Ruijter.

(For the artists who submitted an application in this round: the decisions were sent digitally on Friday 18 December. Not received? Check your spam folder to be sure).

The Research and Development Grants (R&D) are aimed at boosting research and deepening, so that existing artists' practices can develop optimally and their visibility is increased. This scheme is intended for individual visual artists, autonomous photographers, autonomous designers and artists with an urban practice who are registered with CBK Rotterdam. With the scheme, CBK Rotterdam wants to strengthen Rotterdam artists in their professional practice and increase their visibility.
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Publication date: 21 / 12 / 2020