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R&D awarded

In the first round of the 2016 R&D scheme, a total of 10 applications were awarded funding for a total amount of € 72.490. For this round, a total amount of € 35 was requested through 276.825,42 applications. Every successful application receives a contribution that enables the visual artist to further develop his professional practice. The Development and Research Grants scheme is aimed at boosting research and deepening, so that existing artist practices can develop optimally and increase their visibility in the city.

Applications for 1e round 2016:

Jan Adriaans
The cognition of ruffs, the development of a video work in which behavior and relationship between humans and ruffs and the environment are investigated.
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Max Dovey
Banking with grandfather is a research / exhibition of the digitization of money. The difference of data and monetary exchange in the time that grandfather was a banker. The aim is to use cross-disciplinary connections between artists, academics and economists for the development of the project.
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Ilke Gers
Line painting, sign making, a study into line marking in public space that regulates people and traffic in public space, in order to ultimately arrive at new work.
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Laurien Dumbar
Posters, research into the autonomous quality of posters based on an image archive of photos from the studio in which the problems of abstract painting are shown and examined.
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Jasper Griepink
Down to Earth, visits of two residencies in Oregon (US) and Portugal to focus on developing basic knowledge about eco building and develop social-theoretical skills about the functioning of sustainable societies.
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Edward Thomson
Natural Growth, a study into working with actors and improvisation techniques in order to deepen and broaden professional practice.
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Marije de Wit
Working period during a residency in Wiels, Brussels in which a so-called self-evidence and irrevocability of everything is questioned.
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Efrat Zehavi
Anonymus Magazine, the publishing of a work of art disguised as glossy.
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Weronika Zielinska
'This exhibition falls outside the responsibility of the management of the museum', a new project developed in the context of the exhibition Project Rotterdam, a group event of artists and designers working in Rotterdam - at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen.
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Micha Zweifel
Furniture, Charlois is a project to produce a series of furniture using material and style figures from Charlois in a different way than our furniture at home.
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Publication date: 10 / 03 / 2016