Photo: Floortje van Gameren, Rijnmond


Artists Robert Rost and Lennaert Koorman painted six giant portraits of radiant children on the Binnenwegplein. After 15 years they have renewed their own project, an ode to the Sophia Children's Hospital, from 2005.


It is a dedicated art project where children are still central. At the same time, it is also an ode to the Sophia Children's Hospital and its doctors, the nursing staff and the children themselves. The portraits symbolize these heroes.

Robert and Lennaert, the initiators of this project, are visual artists by profession and blessed parents at heart. Robert saw his eldest daughter born healthy and Lennaert saw his son healed from acute lymphoblastic leukemia in three years. In both cases there was a great admiration for the heartwarming nurses and doctors. It gave them a gratitude, which they would like to honor with this ode.

The children they have portrayed in the work are all connected to the Sophia, because they were born there, found healing or are still undergoing treatment. For the designs of the portraits, they held a photo shoot in collaboration with the Sophia Children's Hospital. A total of twenty children were photographed together with their parents, brothers, sisters or alone. A selection of six photos was made from this, which served as the basis for the designs. In addition to the paintings on the pavilion, they will organize a synchronous photo exhibition, where the photos of all children from the photo shoot will be shown and they will have the opportunity to tell their own story.



The children involved, Erasmus MCSophia, the Municipality of Rotterdam, the entrepreneurs of the pavilion and MVGM, the real estate company that manages the Pavilion, have supported this project.

Publication date: 12 / 07 / 2021