North Island Drawings

Bart Lodewijks werkt fromfrom August 2020 to May 2021 on a large linear chalk drawing that runs across the Noordereiland. He draws on the street, walls, houses, ships and shops, and writes about the process and the people he meets while drawing. The project results in an e-book, a performance and a permanent wall drawing.

E-book Noordereiland Drawings 1 - A bed of Cretaceous

"We thought you were urinating," says a local police officer. 'I make chalk drawings on the North Island,' I say. 'Then we'll see the chalk drawings appear soon', the officer concludes and walks on. It can hardly go wrong, I think to myself. The residents will also see the drawings appear automatically. I start drawing on a mooring post, but in my mind I have already started on the ship next to it.

In honor of the 150th anniversary of the Noordereiland, Lodewijks will spend a year on site to work on a permanent work of art. 'I would prefer to make a work of art that fits the residents like a jacket and also lasts 150 years, without wear' Lodewijks says in the foreword to the ebook Noordereiland Drawings 1 - A bed of Cretaceous. 'But who exactly are these islanders? To get that into my fingers, I first put a bed of chalk. Only then do I dare to think about something that will last ' he continues.

In the ebook (that you can browse online here) you will follow Lodewijks on his exploration of the North Island and the first steps he takes towards the creation of a permanent work of art.

Publication date: 20 / 10 / 2020