Photo: Otto Snoek

New print for 'Ode to the railway bridge' by Otto Snoek

On September 15, 1993, when the Willemspoor tunnel opened, the rail route through the city center and over the Nieuwe Maas to Rotterdam South was taken out of service. The railway bridge with the five characteristic arches, together with De Hef, was part of this so-called Luchtspoor. De Hef was able to be preserved as a monument, but the demolition of the railway bridge was soon started.

Otto Snoek intensively photographed the aftermath and dismantling of this metropolitan part of his hometown of Rotterdam. The panoramic photo Ode to the Railway Bridge is mounted on the blind side wall of the residential block, which is located at the former bridgehead on the Maaskade on the Noordereiland and shows the bridge during fog. This month the photo was replaced by a new print.

Publication date: 10 / 10 / 2022