Moments Contained by Thomas J Price on Stationsplein, photo Aad Hoogendoorn (crop).

Annual overview CBK R'dam 2023

The 2023 annual review looks back on all our activities and activities of the past year. The document can be viewed and/or downloaded at the bottom of this page. 

A million visitors!

This annual review starts with a bold statement. If CBK Rotterdam had been able to show the visitor figures of 2023 in the year 2017, we would now be part of the Rotterdam Cultural Base (RCB), the eight largest art institutions in the city. After all, the requirements were: a long-term subsidy relationship with the municipality of Rotterdam above one million euros and at least 100.000 visitors per year. In any case, because of the latter, we were left out. But look here, in 2023 we had more than a million visitors! CBK Rotterdam is therefore one of the most visited cultural institutions in Rotterdam. The reason for this spectacular development is that we are increasingly able to map out the public reach of all our activities more accurately. This includes all artist projects to which we contribute financially through Art Office, nationally and internationally, and there are hundreds of them! By meticulously registering all these visitor figures, it becomes clear what an enormous reach Rotterdam artists have worldwide.

And we were already so spoiled in 2023, for example because we won the Rotterdam Marketing Award for our efforts in the field of art in public space (BKOR) and in particular the international sculpture collection (Sculpture International Rotterdam). According to Rotterdam Partners, it appears that many international visitors to Rotterdam are particularly enthusiastic about the city's fantastic collection of sculpture. The placement of the image Moments Contained on Stationsplein provided a huge boost for Rotterdam as the number one city of images!

The past year is also memorable in the history of TENT. In 2023 it was decided that in 2024 (twenty-five years after establishment on 9.9.99) we will finally close the door behind us and move to a beautiful location on the Coolhaven, a place with many possibilities. The unjustifiable rising costs for housing on Witte de Withstraat forced us to make this drastic decision. In order to continue to do our work well for Rotterdam artists, it was not an option to invest more money in bricks. The idea of ​​a new beginning was very attractive. After all, the art world has changed dramatically since 1999, at least the need for specific spaces. Not everything takes place in the so-called white cube anymore and by taking this step, TENT can continue to program flexibly and diversely. The program at Witte de Withstraat will continue until the end of April 2024, but after that all energy will go to the Coolhaven, where we expect to start programming from autumn 2024.

CBK in Rotterdam
Art is the beating heart of an open society. Art exists by the grace of a free exchange of ideas – sometimes deepening, sometimes enriching, sometimes abrasive. In all cases, art aims to offer contemporary insights and perspectives, with which people can find each other or better understand different positions. Rotterdam is an intense city with its own dynamics in which visual arts have played an important role since the first day of reconstruction. CBK Rotterdam has been committed to the city for forty years by connecting makers, cultural partners, social stakeholders, residents and the public. Our activities reach into the capillaries of the entire city (from Hoek van Holland to Nesselande, from Rotterdam Center to IJsselmonde) to create and maintain a climate in which art in Rotterdam can continue to develop and is relevant for everyone.

Together with makers, cultural partners, social stakeholders and residents, CBK Rotterdam works on a vibrant art climate in Rotterdam. It is crucial that we are in the middle of the city and are involved in what is going on in the city. We enable artists and thus the city to develop new work and a new language, to develop joint initiatives and thus help shape the dream city. We operate as a partner of residents and other stakeholders, working with artists based on their motivation, experience and involvement to create a city in which we want to live together, a city in which imagination and versatility have an inescapable place. We do this by placing our core qualities, interaction and involvement, at the center of our actions.

CBK Rotterdam realizes its mission through three programs that complement and nourish each other. The relationship between art and the city is central to each of the programs. With Art Office we offer artists the space to develop their practice and to initiate activities together with others in which they contribute to the cultural and social dynamics in the city from their perspective and agenda. With BKOR/SIR we take care of the city collection in the public space, we support Rotterdam residents in their request to see important histories and people in the form of a work of art in their city, and we give artists the opportunity to enter the common space. to help shape the city. With TENT we offer a lively stage and production house for the artists, forms of expression and subjects that Rotterdam's metropolitan culture produces, which we connect to a national and international audience and to a much-requested education program.

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About Lucas, director CBK Rotterdam

Publication date: 31 / 05 / 2024