I was here 010

Do you ever think about how you can keep your love for art and culture alive when you're gone? On the website of I was here 010, an initiative of more than fifty collaborating Rotterdam art and culture institutions, you will find more information about bequeathing to art and culture so that Rotterdammers remain inspired and amazed in the future.

Any legacy, large or small, is valuable to a cultural institution. With your contribution, institutions can create programs, support young talent or launch new initiatives. And, there is more possible than you might think. CBK Rotterdam is also affiliated with I was here 010 and with its variety of programs (from BKOR en Sculpture International to become TENT en Art Office) the ability to support a specific project or focus area. This way you know for sure that your legacy is in good hands and that it will also benefit a subject that is close to your heart.

For more information on www.ikwashier010.nl 

Publication date: 06 / 12 / 2021