Photo: Tim de Weerdt

Eva Cohen-Hartogkade refurbishment completed

The refurbishment of the Eva Cohen-Hartogkade will be taken into use on 31 July. This quay, where Rotterdam celebrates the commemoration at the 'Wall' and the Jewish children's monument is greened and provided with a new pavement. The new layout consists of a special landscape design by artist Martine Herman, who has integrated 10.000 unique stones in the walkways between large green areas with gently swaying ornamental grasses. 

The 'empty', unplanted parts of the design refer to the empty spaces created in society by the death of many Jewish fellow townspeople in World War II. The 10.000 stones, from various Dutch cities, symbolize the approximately 10.000 Jews in Rotterdam who never returned.

The name of this new monument is officially written below each other:

Interested parties are welcome at the commemoration on Sunday 31 July from 14.00 pm to 15.30 pm.

Commissioned by the Loods 24 foundation and the municipality of Rotterdam, BKOR supervised the integration of the stones in the landscape design. CBK Rotterdam brought the initiator and the municipality of Rotterdam into contact with artist Martine Herman. She was added to the project team.

Richard Schrijver and Lennerd Dessé laid and cast the 10.000 bricks by hand. Photo: Frank van Gelderen

Eva Cohen Hartogkade

For the Jewish community, the Eva Cohen-Hartogkade is the center to commemorate the Jewish Rotterdammers who died in the war. Since 2013 it has been Jewish children's monument: a semicircle with 686 names of killed children. There is also the 'Wall', a piece of fence of the site where Loods 24 was located. From 30 July 1942, the German occupier carried Jews away from that harbor shed to work and extermination camps.

Thanks to Loods24 and the municipality of Rotterdam.

Publication date: 27 / 07 / 2022