Sketch Gwen Stok

Gwen Stok is 'City illustrator Special'

De Rotterdam artist Gwen Stok has been appointed by the City Archives and CBK Rotterdam as 'city illustrator special' during the current corona emergency measure, which now lasts until 9 February. On the unanimous nomination of the jury of the annual Stadstekenaars (Hugo Borst, Hedy Tjin and Shehera Grot of the Kunsthal) she was asked to closely follow the current developments in the period up to the appointment of the Stadstekenaars 2021 in the spring. Because it is precisely in this period that new moments arise with the start of vaccinations and the sudden appearance of the British mutation, we think it is important that this is also recorded by an artist.

Gwen Stok (1983) mainly wants to focus on rehearsal, isolation and powerlessness, but also the things that are constantly increasing, such as the increasing number of bicycle deliverers and the postmen with mountains of parcels. The aim is to eventually create a short story that will take place through the vistas of various windows. For inspiration, Stok approached Rotterdammers to send in photos of the view through their window. The views of the world from behind the windowsill are combined with the corona news of the day. We aim to present the result of this city drawing on February 27, exactly one year ago that Covid-19 was introduced in the Netherlands.

Publication date: 14 / 01 / 2021