'Big water' moves along the Nieuwe Maas

Work travels four Saturdays in September and October big water (2021) by Maud van den Beuken along the Nieuwe Maas. Affiliated with the program of 150 years New Waterway the artwork questions our relationship to the river on both a local and global scale. Who bears the responsibility? The work can be visited at four different locations along the river and it activates a substantive program including (public) conversations and sensory experiences with the river.

By entering into discussions with policymakers, artists, environmentalists, residents, water management experts and dredgers, we investigate the Nieuwe Maas as a non-human form of life and the possibility of its own legal personality. This series of conversations forms the basis for a lengthy artistic investigation into the appropriation of the river and how we can give it a voice through artistic means.

The content program around big water will be announced at the end of August.

About Big water

big water (2021) is a 1:1 replica of a cross-section of the Mississippi, which Maud van den Beuken scanned in 3D at the source. She immortalized the river in her shape by computer-controlled milling of the 3D model on a full scale. Maud van den Beuken made this work on behalf of the sculpture route Statues in Leiden, curated by Suzanne Wallinga.

Publication date: 27 / 07 / 2022