Photo: Aad Hoogendoorn


Geo Wyeth wins the ninth Dolf Henkes Prize. Wyeth captivated the jury with a transformative installation in which the work, the visitor and the building of TENT come together in a collective performance. Through their subtle yet powerful spatial interventions, they draw attention to what lies beneath the surface of supposed civilization and how to free it like air from a bottle.


The jury, which this year is chaired by Nathanja van Dijk (curator and former director of the Kunsthal) and also consists of Fons Hof (director Art Rotterdam), Charl Landvreugd (artist, curator and Head of Research & Curatorial Practice at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam ) and Evelyn Taocheng Wang (winner Dolf Henkes Prize 2019), makes the following statement about the nominations:

“We were delighted to be able to choose from a large number of artists who put Rotterdam - and often Curaçao - on the map with their fresh, idiosyncratic and innovative artistic practice. In their great diversity, the nominated artists have in common that they each investigate topical themes such as origin, heritage, historiography, identity, queerness and physicality in a radically different way. At the same time they transcend the social debate by means of a refined and intelligent visual language. ”


Publication date: 06 / 07 / 2021