ENOUGH # 002

On April 2, the launch of the second edition of Enough Magazine took place at the Time is the new space pop-up shop in Het Schieblock. This spring edition will include:


- An ode to the skins of spring vegetables The Detailhunter,
- A menu inspiration generator Lot Piscaer,
- Sanneke Kleingeld made a poem and accompanying collages about eggs,
- Maned wolves created one 3d printed, fermented and edible (!) Artwork
- A poem about the spring of Judah Bos,
- A natural wine tasting with Jim de Jong & Milan Gataric ,
- Perry the Man & Lizer van Hattem got to work with pomelos,
- And there is also a fork pricked with Esther Akkerhuis and family who released 5 spring recipes.


You can order via the website: www.enough-magazine.nl and the magazine is now also for sale at the better bookstores in Rotterdam (Donner, van Gennep & Snoek).


PS: For 45 euros (excl. Shipping costs) you are an Enough Friend. In addition to a year of Enough Magazine, you will receive a set of postcards as a welcome gift. 
Publication date: 08 / 04 / 2021