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The new Art Route of Rotterdam!

Walking and listening along the new Art Route Rotterdam - from Westersingel to Wilhelminapier

On Friday 8 October will be the walking map during the 'Week of Accessibility' Art route Rotterdam launched, a publication of CBK Rotterdam. Walking from the Westersingel to the Wilhelminapier you will become acquainted with thirty statues. Pointed descriptions in Dutch and English offer a wealth of information. That is handy, because nowhere do you see so many beautiful works of art on the street as in Rotterdam. The quality of the works is exceptional and the condition they are in is also very good.

Quality comes first

The city collection is maintained and maintained by two programs of CBK Rotterdam. BKOR (Visual Arts & Public Space) mainly focuses on works of art in neighborhoods and districts. SIR (Sculpture International Rotterdam) guarantees the international ambitions of this collection. The BKOR and SIR websites are a unique source of knowledge and documentation about the city's artworks.

Watch and listen to images

To increase the accessibility of the art route, we collaborated with Ears and Eyes Deficiency, a foundation that makes art more accessible for people with a visual or hearing impairment. This hiking map is provided with a QR code with which audio fragments consisting of image descriptions can be listened to. Oren en Ogen Tekort developed this pilot for the visually impaired, called Picture in Sound, for The Hague and Rotterdam.

Image in Sound in Rotterdam was made possible in part by the Municipality of Rotterdam โ€“ Rotterdam Unlimited.

Sign Up

On Friday, October 8 at 10:30 am, the first copy of the map will be presented to Hanneke Mantel, curator of photography at FENIX, by Marjolijn van der Meijden, BKOR project leader, on the Sculpture Terrace at Westersingel. Elvera van Leeuwen of the Oren and Eyes Shortage Foundation explains the initiative Picture in Sound.

A walk will then start at 11:00 AM. People with and without a visual impairment can experience the images and descriptions together. This tour is guided by Kachiri van Zwam of Stichting Oren en Ogen Tekort. A second route starts at 13.30 pm. The maximum group size is 10 people.

During the walks, film recordings will be made if you prefer not to be in the picture, let us know.

Time: 10.30 am โ€“ 12.30 pm
Start: Opposite Westersingel 45, at the statue l'Homme qui Marche from Rodin.

Time: 13.30 am โ€“ 15.00 pm
Start: Opposite Westersingel 45, at the statue l'Homme qui Marche from Rodin.


You can register for the walk on Friday 8 October here.


The Art Route Rotterdam is available at Tourist Information Rotterdam, TENT Rotterdam and CBK Rotterdam.
Download here.

Publication date: 28 / 09 / 2021