Prometheus (1968) - Huib Noorlander Photo: BKOR archive


A lot of podcasts have been made lately, including by or with a contribution from CBK Rotterdam. That is why we list all podcasts for the upcoming summer months. Listen during a walk in the city, on a bench in the sun or while cooking. Have fun listening!


Work title

Work title is a podcast about how people work in the arts. In 2021, Alix de Massiac and Zoë Dankert will investigate how work in art is and is not regulated. On the basis of 150 conversations, cast in ten episodes, Werktitel creates a picture of the art field and the labor problems and issues that people encounter within it.

Open Source Governance

As part of the long-term project Open Source Governance, Pendar Nabipour has started a podcast to keep the debate alive. The podcasts will introduce the terms and concepts of collective decision-making, public sessions will be available to listen to and specialists and guests will be invited to discuss various topics within the domain of different disciplines. 

On Packing Light

On Packing Light examines the personal and political sentimental capacity of textiles. The podcast speculates on the ways capitalism has shaped our relationship with and understanding of our personal assets. Research processes through audio recording, conversations, lectures, and other content are the foundation of On Packing Light episodes; in this way, research and production take place simultaneously.

TENT x Project Wiaspora

TENT x Project Wiasporasearches for connection and space for meeting from a socially critical point of view. This series of podcast conversations focuses on the well-being, work and culture of the Caribbean-Dutch communities. The reason for the conversations was the exhibition The Visual Life of Social Affection by Caribbean critical platform Small Ax (NY). Small Ax builds with a transnational magazine and other projects from a Caribbean point of departure a different perspective on the views that have defined the modern world – views on race, class, gender, power, democracy, the nation state, development and culture. In response to the Small Ax project in TENT, program maker Gyonne Goedhoop and guest programmers Richard Kofi & Simone Zeefuik from Project Wiaspora, together with various makers and thinkers, look at the Netherlands from a Caribbean perspective.

The Dreamed City

In the podcast series The Dreamed City by CBK Rotterdam, artists from Rotterdam come to talk about their favorite work in the city, the relationship to their own work and they are also asked about their dreams and desires for the city.

Publication date: 22 / 07 / 2021