Come Art 'n Play

Filmmaker Hans Wessels was commissioned by CBK Rotterdam / BKOR to film art in public space from the point of view of 'play'. The result is Come Art 'n Play, a series of 10 short films that link works of art to interaction and play (s) in various ways.

André Volten - Mikado (1975)


Hendrick de Keyser - Erasmus (1622)

Poem and recitation by Theo Wesselo

Oswald Wenckebach - Monsieur Jacques (1959)

with Walter Dornstedt, poem JC Bloem

The poem is a message (1988)

in coop. with Vivi van Hout, Patrick van der Will and Michiel Bekkens from Poetry International

Florentijn Hofman - Bospoldervos (2020)

with Florentijn Hofman

Madeleine Berkhemer - The Lost Pearl (2015)

Alexander Calder - Le Tamanoir (1965)

Abderrahim Chawki - Unity (2004)

Henk Visch - In the city / The young man on the island (2013)

with Pip Vlaar

Onno Poiesz and Guido Marsille - Kryptonian Ice Lake (2013)

with Pip Vlaar

Publication date: 06 / 11 / 2020