Sculpture route

Museums are closed and events have been canceled. In order to fight the corona virus, we must all adhere to stricter measures. Fortunately, there is still room to take a detour now and then. Time enough to discover your own neighborhood through visual art in public space. On the BKOR website you will find a map of all the works that you can see during a walk, including information about the work, the background and the maker.

We already highlight a few works that you can (re) discover on your route:

1. Katendrecht: Broken Light (2010) by Rudolf Teunissen

2. Charles: The Fisherman (2006) by Ger C. Bout

3. Ship's quarter: Tsar Peter the Great (1997) by Leonid Baranov

4. New West: The voices of blood in my handkerchief (2004) by Arno Coenen

5. Crooswijk: Volt (2015) by Daniël van Nes

If you go out, of course, follow the rules that RIVM prescribes. Always keep a distance of 1,5m during your outdoor trips. If you are not able to take a detour, you can also take a virtual trip.

You can read more info here

Publication date: 24 / 03 / 2020