New: the Practical Contribution

Art Office introduces: the Practical Contribution. This new regulation provides for (part of) the fees of artists for art projects that have a public character and with which artists strengthen their professional practice. With the practical contribution wears Art Office contributes to the fees of visual artists resultout our commitment to the Fair Practice Code. The maximum contribution is €2.500. The scheme runs for as long as there is a budget available.

CBK Rotterdam director Ove Lucas explains: 'The Temporary Work Contribution PPR that we offered during the corona period taught us that many Rotterdam artists benefit from a simple, practice-oriented arrangement. For this reason, we have converted City Activities, which focuses mainly on activity in the city, into the Practical Contribution. We expect that this will enable us to do more for a larger group of Rotterdam artists.'

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Publication date: 08 / 03 / 2023