Photo: JHC Vermeulen. Rotterdam City Archives

Photos back in Maastunnel

Many cyclists and pedestrians missed the historic photos on the walls along the escalators. Many municipal councilors also missed the old photos of the Maastunnel. They asked the BenW council to keep an eye on the past of the Maastunnel. And that happened. On February 14, the 79e anniversary of the Maastunnel, the outdoor exhibition about the past and present of the Maastunnel has opened. From 1 July, this exhibition will be alternated for three months with a photo exhibition of which CBK Rotterdam will be responsible for the content.

City archivist Jantje Steenhuis (Rotterdam City Archives) and Jurjen van Beek (the architect of the renovation) have devised a plan together with CBK Rotterdam and curator Joop de Jong. Joop de Jong made a selection of the historical photos a place in the escalator tunnels, supplemented with beautiful images of the renovation and restoration. All four walls of the escalators now feature photos. The series of historical photos are visible twice a year for a period of three months.

Photo exhibition
The historical photos are alternated every three months with a three-month photo exhibition organized by CBK Rotterdam. The first will be on display from July 1, 2021.

Basic collection
The historical photos, combined with images of the renovation / restoration, form the basic collection that adorns the walls along the escalators every three months.

On the south bank, when you go down the escalator, you will pass ten photos by photographer Jan de Groen. These are photos of the renovation of the bicycle and pedestrian tunnel during 2019-2020. When you take the escalator up there, you will pass ten historical images of the Maastunnel in South. On the north side of the tunnel you go down past ten photos by photographer Carel van Hees. These concern the execution of the renovation of the car tunnel (2017-2019). If you take the escalator up there, you will see ten historical images of the Maas Tunnel on the north bank.

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Publication date: 15 / 02 / 2021