Visual arts and the city

Out of love for visual art, CBK Rotterdam works on art and the city. They do everything they can to make Rotterdam a lively art city. They do this with exhibitions and events in TENT, with art in public space (BKOR and Sculpture International). With Art Office, CBK Rotterdam supports Rotterdam visual artists in their professional practice.

Art exists by the grace of a free exchange of ideas - sometimes deepening, sometimes enriching, sometimes abrasive. Art offers contemporary insights and perspectives, with which people can find each other or better understand different positions. Visual art has played an important role in Rotterdam since the first day of the Reconstruction. CBK Rotterdam is committed to this: from Hoek van Holland to Nesselande, from Rotterdam Center to IJsselmonde with the aim of creating and maintaining a climate in which art in Rotterdam can continue to develop and is and remains relevant for everyone.

We are convinced that visual art makes the city a better place. That is why we do everything we can to make Rotterdam a lively art city. We do this together with makers, partners and residents of the city. We are in the middle of the city and feel involved in what lives and arises there. We encourage artists in many ways to create new work and to develop a new language and joint initiatives. Together with the artists, residents and visitors of the city and our partners, we shape a dream city.

Based on the motivation, experience and involvement of residents, artists and other stakeholders, we work on a city in which we want to live together. A city in which imagination and versatility have an inescapable place. And in doing so, we focus on our core qualities, interaction and involvement.

We work on visual art and the city through exhibitions and events TENT, visual art in public space via BKOR en Sculpture International Rotterdam and supporting the professional practice of Rotterdam visual artists via Art Office.