General conditions for city designers 2021

The artist's interpretation and personal vision gives the drawings character and therefore it does not have to be a literal registration of the subject; a more abstract view is also possible. The boundaries of the surprising / exciting may be explored, but recognisability of the location or event in the city is an important starting point. The drawings thus form a meaningful addition to the Rotterdam City Archives collection. The assignment involves at least three drawings.

Technical conditions

Material / technique
Different techniques possible, such as pencil, pen, ink, graphics, watercolor, gouache, digital image processing, mixed techniques.
No oil paint, plastic, wood.
Preferably no greasy materials (chalk, charcoal).

Paper that has an optimum shelf life. Preferably acid-free / well-buffered.
Cardboard (acid-free) is also possible, preferably museum cardboard.
No cloth, wood, plastic or plastic foam plate.
When glue material is used: starch or PVA / wood glue. No tape.

Not spatial, so no 3D.
Collages only with paper and as flat as possible.

Maximum 980 x 1380 mm.
For the exact dimensions within this maximum, coordination takes place at a later time.

Licenses (written agreement)
The following points are agreed upon upon acceptance of the assignment:

  • copyrights are vested in the artist during his life, in the event of death, the rights are transferred to the Rotterdam City Archives or in the public domain
  • Rotterdam City Archives is entitled at all times to publish in the online image bank and other platforms on which the City Archives publishes
  • Rotterdam City Archives and CBK Rotterdam can make the drawings available to third parties insofar as it concerns non-commercial use (written statement)
  • Rotterdam City Archives and CBK Rotterdam can exhibit the work delivered and make it public in publications
  • CBK Rotterdam is entitled at all times to use the image material on its websites.

Rotterdam, February 2021