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Photo: Jannes Linders

Z-Files #21: Gabo and the city, then and now

Z-Files: 15 / 03 / 2018
Location: De Bijenkorf

"To put such a radically modern image in public space, that was a complete stunt."

De Bijenkorf and Sculpture International Rotterdam are organizing the 21e edition of Z-Files, Art and the City: Gabo and the city, then and now on Thursday 15 March from 19: 30 hour in restaurant La Ruche in the Bijenkorf.

"The Gabo"
In 1957 the new Bijenkorf by architect Marcel Breuer was unveiled, together with the artwork by Naum Gabo. This Russian-American artist commissioned the Bijenkorf to work in close consultation with the architect. After the long-awaited restoration of De Bloem or Het Ding, the artwork has now been restored to its former glory. To celebrate this, the Bijenkorf, in collaboration with Sculpture International Rotterdam, is organizing this special gathering for fans of this national monument. The Gabo is seen as a milestone in the post-war reconstruction of Rotterdam and in modern visual arts.

Z-Files #21
During this Z-Files gives art history Patricia van Ulzen a reading. In it she not only elaborates on the sculpture by Naum Gabo itself, but also on the circumstances and the people who made it possible for this special image to be created. The restoration of the artwork was supervised by the restoration specialist Pier Terwen (Terwen Consultancy). In a short presentation he will discuss the restoration project of the work of Naum Gabo, in which it was always considered how the authentic appearance of the object of Naum Gabo could be restored. Terwen will also comment on the actual decline that led to the restoration. The other speakers are Eric van den Elshout (the Beehive), Dees Linders (Sculpture International Rotterdam) and Paul van de Laar (Museum Rotterdam).

This Z-Files is free, but registration is required. You will have access to the lecture upon presentation of your ticket (on your telephone or printed).

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