The Individual Parallel - Bilderberg Parkhotel, Willem Oorebeek, 2014, Rotterdam, NL (photo: Jannes Linders)


Bilderberg Parkhotel

Z-Files # 15: Bild, oder…?

A lecture by Willem Oorebeek and the presentation of Willem Oorebeek's SIR edition The Individual Parallel - Bilderberg Utopia

Location: Bilderberg Parkhotel
20: 00 hours
Admission: Free

Willem Oorebeek made the work in 2014 The Individual Parallel - Bilderberg Utopia for the north façade of the Bilderberg Parkhotel. The 604 composite dots can be seen from Westersingel, and have since become a familiar sight in the Rotterdam street scene. The work is included in the international sculpture collection of Sculpture International Rotterdam (SIR).

This month, SIR is publishing a special edition, a video film that Oorebeek based on the 604 possible meanings of this artwork. The edition will be presented on March 31 in the Bilderberg Parkhotel; afterwards Oorebeek explains in the lecture "Bild, or ...?" about his own position as an artist in public space.