17/11/2017 — 19/11/2017

Writing with Alternative Intelligence

Manetta Berends received one in 2016 R&D contribution for the development of the project Writing with Alternative Intelligence.

Text mining is the technique used to extract information from a large collection of textual data, using models and algorithms that recognize patterns in this data. This technique is used, for example, in scientific research, in the investigation of criminals and the prevention of terrorism, in online security systems, email spam filters, search engines, automatic checking systems in schools, or on job sites.

In her project Writing with alternative intelligence Manetta Berends wants to make these mining processes experienceable by means of experimental typewriters, in order to visualize how such a system makes use of human language. She emphasizes the poetic aspects and the capricious character properties of this highly technical process. She will test the results of her research during various text mining workshops. Berends will give the next workshop during the event Digital Orders, 17 - November 19 in Frankfurt. More information about the artist and this project can be found on her website, I could have written that.

The deadlines for the Development and Research Regulations of 2018 will be announced at the end of this year.