Junction – Who Gets to be an Artist?

Mourning Ritual & Ceremony: Who Gets to be an Artist?
15:00 -17:30 online (rsvp via email) with Sarafina Paulina Bonita


In this workshop we manifest a mourning ritual to express the difficulty of exclusivity, scarcity and discrimination present in our work reality. We mourn for artists who were not allowed to – such as people who were barred from participating in the (funded) art world and practices that we had to give up or adapt to the dominant norm. We call for the building of a collective body that can hold this knowledge, honor and mourn these losses. You don't have to be an artist to participate! This workshop is open to all bodies.

The workshop will take place online on August 14 from 15:00 -17:30. The intervention day will be announced during the workshop and will take place in public space with a safe distance and masks. Here we will create a collective performance ritual to mourn the losses around the structures that harbor inaccessible spaces for our different communities. Interventions are a collective instrument to demonstrate the boundaries and wishes of the cultural community. Through an intersection of art and localized research, we center the practices and experiences of black, indigenous, POC, queer, trans and disabled communities within the arts.

For more information or to register, please send an email to:

Sarafina Paulina Bonita (die/diens) is a queer, Dutch-Surinamese, non-binary performance artist who works with audio and text. Sarafina creates performances and poetry from an intersectional approach that focuses on the experience of otherness. In his work they question the construction of gender, the difference between the perceived and constructed femininity and masculinity, as well as the effects of religion and heritage. Who believes that making art tells important stories, elevates communities and shares joy.


JUNCTION is a new platform for Rotterdam artists, researchers and cultural workers. We focus on intersecting practices in anticolonial research and through manifestation of artistic interventions that reflect the city's cultural discourse.