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We Love Public Space Festival 2019

Public space is the mirror of society. It is the stage on which our daily cultural exchange takes place. We meet, party, play, demonstrate and collide in the public space. The We Love Public Space Festival (WLPS) is a homage to the public space and everyone who is (professionally) active in it. The festival offers an open discussion about developments that determine the design and use of public space. How do city makers deal with this? The third edition takes place this year on Friday 27 September in ZOHO Rotterdam (Zomerhofkwartier) and is free of charge.

This third edition focuses on the role and meaning of the (visual) art for public space. Because, like no other, the artist is able, apart from practical reality, to intervene in public space, to disrupt it, to question it and to place it in a different perspective. How and for what purpose do artists manifest themselves in public space? Which strategies do they use?

More and more artists, from different disciplines, consider the public space as their field of activity. They usually work inter- or multidisciplinary and move between areas of knowledge such as landscape, architecture, urban design and social sciences, as connecting parties. They use a wide range of approaches and their work is not always recognizable as art.

The program consists of presentations and workshops including: Charlie Koolhaas (UK) Caroline Nevejan (NL), Pip Passchier (NL), Maarten Inghels (BE) Maurik Stomps (NL), Atelier Ari (NL), Donica Buisman (NL), Mark Bukman & Ruud Reutelingsperger (NL), Rebecca Crawford (AUS). The festival is opened with an ode to the public space by guest curator Selma Hengeveld. The complete program will be announced shortly.


Date: Friday 27 September

Time: 13.00 – 19.00

Entree: free

Location: ZOHO Rotterdam (Mono, The Yellow Building)


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