Photo: Otto Snoek


Rotterdam Center

Walk along monumental art with Sandra Smets

On Sunday, November 19, walk along monumental art with a route by Ossip Zadkines The destroyed city to the new Razzia Monument by artist Anne Wenzel. Together with art guide Anne-Marie Ros and art historian Sandra Smets, we reflect on the days after the bombing of the Rotterdam city center in May 1940, when artists searched in vain for their studio among the rubble. There was great anger, but the destroyed center also appeared to offer opportunities. While walking, we look at the Rotterdam art world during the occupation years and at artists who related to the bombing and National Socialist cultural policy in their own way. Various dilemmas that occurred during the war become palpable and we pay attention to painful choices that were not paid attention for a long time after the war, in the light of reconstruction.

In 2018, Sandra Smets was involved as a guest curator in the exhibition 'Boijmans in the war. Art in the destroyed city' in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. In collaboration with this museum, she started a follow-up research into artists in Rotterdam during the Second World War, which resulted in the book in 2023 The Firebird Generation.

Date Sunday 19 November
Time 11-14 hours
Language Dutch
Participation €10 incl. cup of coffee/tea and cake along the way
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location will be sent upon registration