Naum Gabo (photo: Jannes Linders)


09/12/2016 — 16/12/2016

Friday Gabosing Day: December

Every Friday there is a new tribute to the Naum Gabo: GO GO GABO, on your speedy recovery! The restoration is coming, the owner is busy with the preparations.

Sculpture International Rotterdam continues with its tribute to this extraordinary constructivist sculpture, once the landmark of a radiantly modern Coolsingel. With the recovery of the Gabo and the restructuring of the Coolsingel, the Gabo can once again become a highlight in the current public space of the Coolsingel.

Friday December 9 Maaike Mae (Maaike Adegeest) plays between 17.30 and 18.00. She starts playing piano, violin and guitar at a young age. Since her 18de, Maaike has been writing her own compositions, which she often accompanies with guitar. Maaike Mae sings English pop songs.

Friday December 16 from 19: 00 to 20: 00 hours (at a different time than usual) the Haringkoppen pay homage to zt 1957 van Naum Gabo at De Bijenkorf Rotterdam.
A Vlaarding heart of gold and a fantastic repertoire: wind band The herring heads can no longer be ignored when something is celebrated in Vlaardingen. The Haringkoppen come to Rotterdam especially for Gabo and play in the composition of a big band, with the sound of a mop orchestra. With swinging songs and cheerful sing-alongs, De Haringkoppen provide a musical party and it is always dancing and enjoying a Haringkoppen performance. Come and join the party! - everything for the speedy recovery of Gabo.