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photo: Eva Olthof
photo: Eva Olthof

Studio tours R&D: Visit The Artist

Workshop visit: 02 / 05 / 2018 - 23 / 05 / 2018
Location: Rotterdam

02, 09, 16, 23 May, 19.00-21.30 h / h

Join us for a studio visit with various artists in Rotterdam! Discover two artists on four Wednesday evenings in May, and get to know their ideas and method. Cihad Caner, Eloise Sweetman, Marielle Buitendijk, Johannes Langkamp, ​​Robert Glas, Maud van den Beuken, Frank van der Salm en Eva Olthof welcome you in their studio, give a peek behind the scenes and talk about the special projects they could realize with an R&D contribution.

Visit the Artist is organized in the context of the new publication of the R&D scheme. The artists who open their studios all received a contribution from this scheme in recent years. The R & D publication describes four years of artistic research on the basis of different professional views: the artist as an activist, connector, translator, newsreader, historian, scientist, technologist and image designer. Every evening you can meet two artists who take on a similar role in their work - and fulfill it in their own unique way.

With every edition of Visit the Artist two groups of maximum 15 participants visit two artists on 1 evening. The participants are received by a host from CBK Rotterdam, after which the artist talks about his / her work and fascinations. The workshops are located within a maximum of 10 minutes cycling distance from each other. The first visit starts at 19: 00 hour. The groups change studios at 20: 15 hours, and the evening ends with drinks at 21: 30 hours. Tickets are available through TENT and cost € 5 (including free R&D publication).

Cihad Caner en Eloise Sweetman
Location: Charlois
Collect: 19: 00 hours at Shimmer, Waalhaven East side 1, 3087 BM Rotterdam
On Wednesday evening, 2 meets two artists who hold atelier at Zuid: 'campaigner' Cihad Caner developed his DIY Survival Kit in 2017 with which he used everyday and household objects to offer civil resistance. 'Verbinder' and 'imaginer' Eloise Sweetman received a contribution for her project in 2017 Some things have been left undone, and tells more about her design and implementation of a mobile installation that offers space for future works and presentations. Order tickets directly here

Wednesday 9 May
Marielle Buitendijk en Johannes Langkamp
Location: Art & Complex and Delfshaven
Collect: 19: 00 hour at Havenstraat 197, 3024 SK Rotterdam
On Wednesday 9 May 'imaginers' and 'technologists' Marielle Buitendijk and Johannes Langkamp will receive you in their studios. In 2017, Marielle Buitendijk researched the use of new printing techniques in painting in order to make a shift from minimal to baroque images. Johannes Langkamp developed, among other things Dance First, Think Later, an exhibition based on previously made video sketches in which he creates space for chance and unexpected developments. Order tickets directly here

Wednesday 16 May
Robert Glas en Maud van den Beuken
Location: Crooswijk
Gather at 19: 00 hour at Vondelweg 89, 3031 PT Rotterdam
On Wednesday, 16 May, meet two artists who often play a role in their work as 'scientists' or 'campaigners'. For example, in one of his R&D projects, Robert Glas investigated the relationship between the body and the nation state. Maud van den Beuken carried out the project Mapping the air in 2016 a cartographic investigation into the non-physical and indefinable: how does the air define itself as space? Order tickets directly here

Wednesday 23 May
Eva Olthof en Frank van der Salm
Location: Het Wilde Weten, Delfshaven
Gather at 19: 00 hours at Het Wilde Weten, Robert Fruinstraat 35, 3021 BJ Rotterdam
Visit the 'researchers' Eva Olthof and Frank van der Salm in Delfshaven on 23 May. Eva Olthof's work begins with historical research in archives and collections. In recent years she has been researching a collapsed city archive in Cologne and the Merapi volcano in Central Java. Frank van de Salm visited the Swiss CERN, the European center for nuclear research, in 2017 and investigated the role that photography and video can play in translating scientific reality. Order tickets directly here

Participation: € 5 (including R&D publication)
Reservations are required.

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Forest polder fox, Florentijn Hofman, Schiedamseweg, 2020. Photo: Otto Snoek

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