To The Woods

TENT presents as part of the Opera Days Rotterdam on Sunday 25 May at 14.00 and at 17.00 o'clock To The Woods, a music theater performance that starts as a realistic reading but degenerates into an imaginative world of Wildemensen, a group of individuals who have separated themselves from society and nature have moved in search of his true form. Two scientists are investigating this special group of people but are overwhelmed by the call of wild nature.
To The Woods is a multimedia search for our most animal-like drives made by Belgian / American performer and maker Elsa May Averill in collaboration with musicians, filmmakers, designers and a costume designer. Averill previously made performances at the Veenfabriek and has worked with directors such as Simon mc Burney, Paul Koek and Johan Simons.

Elsa May Averill - concept, text and performance
Mei-Yi Lee - music and performance
Bart Hoevenaars - music and performance
Nina Spiering - film
Paul Koek - Coaching
Dymph Boss & Nicky Nina de Jong - Costume
Minke Marsiglia - production
Pim Top - camera work

Start times: 14.00 and at 17.00 hour
Duration: 75 min.
Language: English
Admission: 10 euros