26/09/2021 — 10/10/2021

The Orange Tree – Garden in Time 2021

Behind the studio building at Oranjeboomstraat 109 in Rotterdam South is a garden of approximately 800 m2, bounded by a wall 40 meters long and four meters high. Garden and wall are used to shape the annual Garden in Time art project of The Orange Tree art project Foundation. This year, the artists Yu-Ching Chiang and Ying-Ting Shen both from Taiwan spent three months working on their project in the garden of The Orange Tree art project (TOT) Foundation. You are not Alone. On Sunday September 26, during the Groot Rotterdams Atelier Weekend, they will give a final presentation including a jam session that is also part of their project. After that, the project can be seen and experienced by appointment until October 10.

With this annual art project, this foundation is committed to visual artists to offer them a temporary workplace and to be able to perform art and music productions together with other artists and professionals. In this way, the foundation contributes to the development of artistry in a general sense and artistry in Rotterdam in particular.

The large central part of the garden is a safe place for artists. A place to experiment and explore. An open canvas where the artist can expand their artistry.

Ars Longa

Next to and separated from the large middle part of the garden, this so-called open canvas, the foundation maintains a piece of garden where a process of growth and preservation is being worked on: growth of trees, plants and flowers and preservation of the art. Parts of the art developed in that open canvas are saved and given a place at Ars Longa, where the art can be permanent. Ars Longa, which means “the art lasts a long time”, is the idea of ​​this place and over the years it will become more and more filled with the art that the foundation would like to see preserved. The Orange Tree art project Foundation will be working in these gardens for the second year in 2021 and has managed to preserve the work of the Dutch artists Arlette de Jong and Rick Koren, the Romanian Mika Radescu, and the Taiwanese Jue Ching and Ting.

As Joseph Beuys taught us: art arises from the collective imagination of society. Just like honey is not made by one bee, but by the entire bee population. The foundation finds this an inspiring idea and we are working on it, in both gardens. In this way, the Garden offers artists the opportunity to create works that make us think about ourselves. In the area next to the Garden where Ars Longa's idea triumphs, we can talk about it for a long time.

Yarn in Time 2020

The first year of our existence was immediately the corona year. Due to the impossibility of receiving an audience, we decided to make films of our projects for that year. In this way every apparent impossibility offers new possibilities.




This year, with the contribution of the CBK Rotterdam, Droom en Daad, Cultuur Concrete and the Wijkraden and with the cooperation of SKAR, TOT can once again offer a number of artists a working period in the garden.