Photo: María Sosa, Ejercicio de curación 1, formas de estar en el mundo, 2020, video installation, courtesy of the artist.


21/08/2021 — 31/10/2021
A Tale of a Tub

The Brain Mixologist

A Tale of A Tub presents the exhibition proposal The Brain Mixologist from curator Eva Posas what the outcome is of their second Open Call for Exhibition Proposals. The exhibition opens on Saturday, August 21, 2021 and can be viewed until Sunday, October 31.

wear her
case in the
waiting room.

she then
transfers it
to another body.

body –
back and forth
in motion.

V. Hunter

The Brain Mixologist is an exhibition that plays with the languages ​​of the body that unfold metalinguistic stories or knowledge forms of oppressed mother tongues and still resonate through sensuality, ritualistic practices and haptic encounters. Phantoms moving back and forth, from body to body, like sociopolitical gestures of other worldviews.

With a title taken from a poem by the Mexican artist Valentina Jager, this exhibition will show the works of artists who approach the languages ​​of the body, their performative side, the spontaneous, the expression of emotion in the world. Now in pandemic times the incarnate communicative meaning and bodily gestures are neglected; what does it mean to communicate beyond speech if – paraphrasing Paul B. Preciado – the body is the platform that allows the materialization of political imagination?

Participating artists

Lucie Turn (CO – NL) touches on interspecies and interspectral relationships and weaves personal stories that play with the appearance and disappearance of the body, the mind inside and outside the space. Influenced by Butoh dance, creates Valentina Hunter (MX) a script that proposes a notation for movements with visualizations arising from spiritual sessions. Eric Roux (FR) accompanies La Révolution est en marche, a collective body that organizes protests, meetings and gatherings between social media and social encounters. Boram Soh (KR) depicts the last gesture of a dead animal perceived through the body and the embodiment of materials as a dialogue with life and death. Amy Suo Wu (CN – AU) communicates with the worlds beyond mortality using embodied publications as a self-fulfilling prophecy tool that works closely with her mother's value system and aesthetic sensitivities in seeking intergenerational recovery. And Maria Sosa (MX), envisions himself recovering cosmogonic conceptions of the body from objects predating the Spanish invasion in order to save the place of the body and the collective.