Interactive meetings

04/10/2021 — 22/11/2021

Artist Meetings: Tools

In this complex time, the independence of artists is more important than ever. In a 6-part online series you can explore, together with fellow artists, how you can strengthen and expand this position. Experience insights and concrete tools to get started.

The position of the professional visual artist in the current rapidly changing art climate has come under further pressure, partly due to the corona crisis. These meetings are about the question: How can you, as an independent artist, take action yourself to take a strong social and economic position? This online series is a sequel to the 2-day online webinar The Asset of Art. You are also cordially invited to participate without participating in The Asset of Art.

In this 6-part series, your concrete Tools on how you can further deepen your position in the art sector.

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The program consists of 6 online meetings of 2,5 hours each. On these afternoons, trainers and specialists share their expertise in an interactive way, in which practical tools are provided.


  1. Positioning – Monday 4 October 15.00 – 17.00What are the elements that you can use for a good and attractive presentation/lecture about your work in a business environment. What is the essence of your work? How can you position your work in a good way? Marlies Leupen provides interactive presentation training and strategic advice about profiling according to her self-developed method “B hungry & get fed”. Expert: Marlies Leupen
  2. Business networks – Monday 11 October: 15.00 – 17.00 What motivates an art buyer and/or collector? What is the perspective from the collector? How can you build a good relationship that enhances the chances of getting an assignment or purchasing a work, without losing your authenticity? Which (online) promotion can work for you? An interactive workshop based on experiences gained within the Young Collectors Circle, based on the theory of the customer journey.Expert: Nienke van der Wal, founder of Young Collectors Circle
  3. SEO/online tools -Monday 1 November: 15.00 – 17.30How can you better position your work online? With SEO you can greatly increase your online visibility and get a high(er) position in the results with search engines (such as Google). This way people will find you faster if they search for what you offer. But what exactly is SEO? How do you make a website easier to find? And how do you ensure that your viewers become customers? An interactive online training: scoring with SEO.Expert: Rutger Steenbergenseozwolle
  4. Public-private cooperation – Monday 8 November: 15:00 – 17:30How can you work well with different parties and interests? How can you recognize and take advantage of the opportunities without losing your direction. At the same time, it is essential to build in your own free space to continue to innovate and also to keep the collaboration healthy and relevant. An afternoon in which joint research and mutual exchange play a role.Expert: Matthew ten Berg, Building Art, Culture & Nature Platforms & Organisations
  5. Patronage – Monday 15 November: 15.00 – 17.30 As a maker, can you be an entrepreneur and a demander at the same time? What does this dual position require from you and from your audience? During this meeting we will discuss how patronage works and what can be discussed between makers and donors – and what cannot. Successful patronage is always reciprocal. That's why we explore what you can ask your givers, but also what you can offer them. And what conditions do you set for the relationship with your givers? Interactive webinar with questions for reflection.Expert: Helleke van den Braber, professor of Patronage Studies, Utrecht University.
  6. Pear Group – Monday 22 November: 15.00 – 17.30Can a Peer Group also work for you as an artist? peer groups are entrepreneurs who want to grow proactively together. Can and do artists want to share knowledge with each other? How could this work in practice on an equal basis? IZI Solutions expert: Jared Hiwat, consultant and (peer) coach

Attend online

The meetings can be followed via Zoom. You will receive the zoom link a few days before the first meeting. All meetings can be attended with the same zoom link. At a number of meetings you will be sent questions in advance, in preparation. The official language is Dutch.

Can't attend one of the meetings? No problem. It is also possible that one or more topics appeal to you more than others. The financial contribution remains 25 euros. A report is made of all meetings, which is sent to you afterwards.


“This Meetings series was created by platform Art is A Guaranty with Cultuur+Ondernemen, in collaboration with CBK Rotterdam”.