Lisa restaurant

TENT visiting: Liza Wolters

On Sunday 30 June you will meet the Rotterdam visual artist Liza Wolters. She was previously a guest at THUIS at TENT, where she involved us through her work in her idea and sense of home. On this Sunday, TENT will actually visit Liza at home with you. In her video work, photos and installations, Liza reveals the wonderful coincidences and poetry that can be found in our everyday environment. Specially for this event, she makes a site-specific audio script to take us into her environment of today, the past and a few moments in between.

Note: This event does not take place at TENT. The meeting point is restaurant LISA at Annie MG Schmidtplein 4 in Rotterdam South.

You can register via:

Note: There is room for a maximum of 8 participants. Lunch is included.
Language: Dutch