Reading room West

TENT visiting: Ibrahim Alaoui

Previously a guest at THUIS at TENT was Ibrahim Alaoui (30). The born and raised Rotterdam art and culture lover took us through his story in the search for his identity, in an intimate setting at TENT.

On Sunday 16 June we will visit Alaoui with TENT at Reading Room West. This afternoon he uses the five pillars of art and culture (1. Literature, 2. Music, 3. Film / theater, 4. Architecture and 5. Fine arts) as a starting point, and shares his found treasures with poetry, stories and other arts with us. How are the documents related to his identity and Rotterdam?

Location: West reading room, Rijnhoutplein 3 in Rotterdam
Date and time: Sunday 16 June 13.30-15.30 hour
Language: Dutch
Admission free, reservation required through the ticket link.

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