The Heart Breakerz Crew is an international female hip-hop crew, perhaps the only female queer group of artists in the hip-hop (dance) world. The collective focuses on collaborations to challenge and change each other, the hip-hop scene and international dance communities. The Heart Breakerz Crew shares a passion for hip-hop culture and uses movement, music and art in their performances. They work as ambassadors and representatives of various subcultures and collectives around the world. As a collective of women, mothers, girls, professionals, and hustlers, the group moves in a different way within the macho hip-hop world.

The experiences and creative explorations within hip-hop are central to the take-over they organize within the framework of the exhibition BLUEPRINT: Whose urban appropriation is this? in TENT. For this specific intervention, the crew has developed a painting and dance workshop for children. This is followed by a panel discussion that focuses on the future generation of hip hop and the evening ends with a 'jam'.
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