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Symposium | Installing the voice

symposium: 18 / 05 / 2019
Location: TENT

Keynotes: Michal Grover-Friedlander, Paul Elliman.
Presentations / presentations: Hannah Bosma, Kris Dittel, Brigitte Felderer, Jelena Novak, Veronika Witte, Katarina Zdjelar.

The 'Installing the Voice' symposium highlights how artists, composers and performers are redefining the relationship between voice and body today. There is no other genre in which the voice is so essential than opera. Yet for a long time there was hardly any attention for the body that produces that singing voice; it was taken for granted and therefore overlooked. By presenting the voice, in the context of music theater or an exhibition, in the form of an installation, it can be made manifest, a funget a position, and become the subject of analysis and experiment.

This event is a collaboration with Operadagen Rotterdam, and brings together pioneers in the field of Voice Studies, Musicology, Opera Studies and Cultural Studies with artists who problematize the singing body in their work.
The guest speakers highlight various facets, such as the staging of the voice, the cultural history of the voice, the emergence of singing and speaking machines, the status of the voice in the 'post-human' era, and the relationship between voice and power.

On the occasion of the symposium, Kris Dittel and Jelena Novak will publish an essay about Post-Opera on the TENT website.

Language: English
Admission: Free, compulsory ticket booking via this link.
Location: TENT, Witte de Withstraat 50 in Rotterdam.

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