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Studio Art Office | On that bike: how do Extra Practice, Kiosk Rotterdam and Mesh Print Club operate?

Just before the summer break, Ewald x Ros is organizing the sixth edition of Op die Fiets* for Art Office on Saturday, July 6, a bicycle tour for Rotterdam artists along three artist initiatives in the city. During this bike tour we get a look behind the scenes of three different initiatives, we hear how they work and we investigate the interfaces with our own art practice. Interaction is central: artists and initiatives can ask each other questions. In addition, it offers a great networking opportunity and we conclude the program with a drink at one of the initiatives.

The bike tour passes three initiatives, lasts approximately three hours and ends with a drink at one of the locations. The tour is not only informative, but also a great opportunity for networking. During the sixth edition on Saturday, July 6, 2024, we will visit various initiatives in North Rotterdam: Extra Practice, Kiosk, Mesh Print Club. What are the motivations, challenges and starting points for artists in these initiatives? Find out this afternoon.

Additional Practice

We start near the Rotte at Extra Practice, a work and studio space that has been shared by five artists since 2019. Here they work together, inspire each other, learn from each other and initiate projects. In addition, workshops and presentations are organized and the space functions as a radio station twice a month. The radio broadcasts Good Times Bad Times were started by three of the artists. Enough aspects to talk about.

Kiosk Rotterdam 

Our second stop is Kiosk Rotterdam, a bookstore, (riso) printing workshop and “leaky press”, as artist and founder Philippa Driest describes her initiative. Started with a personal selection of books, the collection grew partly due to tips and information from visitors. It now includes titles from radical/critical theory, poetry, gender theory and self-publishing practices. In addition, lectures are organized and the bookstore mainly functions as a place of inspiration for a diverse community.

Mesh Print Club

We conclude the program with a visit to Mesh Print Club, a graphic workshop that was founded in 2014 and now has 90 members. After attending an introductory workshop, members can use the facilities 24/7 (4 smaller and 2 large screen printing tables, a carousel for textile printing and more) and regularly benefit from the experience and knowledge of the supervisors. In addition, open workshops are offered and there is increasing focus on collaborations with schools. Here we not only receive an oral introduction, but we also get to work with screen printing frames and squeegees ourselves. We conclude with a drink to celebrate the great results.

Practical Information
Date: Saturday, July 6, 2024
Time: meet at 13.45:14.00 p.m., start at XNUMX:XNUMX p.m
Starting point: Extra Practice, Linker Rottekade 5A
Language: Dutch/English, depending on the initiatives and participants
Transport: with your own bicycle or public transport bicycle (nearest location: Central Station)
For whom: Rotterdam artists with diverse practices and stages in their careers

Due to a limited number of places, registration is appreciated. Send an email with your name to If there are too many registrations, artists registered with the Art Office will be given priority for participation. If you have registered and are unfortunately unable to attend, we would like to receive a message.

* 'On that bike' is a translation of the Rotterdam Expression 'Op die Fiets', which means as much as a way of doing things. Literally, “on that bicycle”, modeled after in that manner (“in that manner, that way”), where manner (“manner, way”) is replaced with bicycle (“bicycle”). The phrase originates from Rotterdam but has since spread. Source: Wikipedia

Photo: Jacqueline Fuijkschot