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Studio ArtOffice | On that bike #2: how do Brutus, the Skin Club and Iron Block work?

Together with Ewald x Ross we organize On that bike*, a series for Rotterdam artists along artists' initiatives in the city. We take a look behind the scenes and discuss the (possible) interfaces with our own art practice and the extent to which closer ties are possible. These visits are intended as a two-way street so that the initiatives can also ask questions to the visiting artists. Each “session” visits 3 initiatives, lasts approximately 3 hours and ends with a drink at one of the locations. In addition to being informative, it is a great opportunity to network with each other. During the second edition on Wednesday 20 September, various initiatives in Rotterdam-West will be visited with IJzerblok, Brutus and Huidenclub.

Het IJzerblok consists of a number of studios in an original residential complex of Woonbron. Almost all tenants have now moved, while art students and recent graduates have been allowed to use the homes as studios since 2020. The accompanying garden of 600 m2 has been cleaned up with a self-raised budget and equipped with a stage for performances. The IJzerblok became known with its participation in the first Groot Rotterdams Atelier Weekend. Since May 2023, the artists have known the end date of their stay in the former residential complex: August 2024, the homes must be empty. What alliances do the artists enter into in the area and to what extent do they build or maintain a network with external organizations and other artists? Sachia Perreira Stolle, artist and point of contact for Woonbron, will tell us more about this and answer questions.

The second stop takes us to Brutus, the artist-driven playground on Keileweg. Most of them may have been there before or even exhibited there during the Wild Summer of Artexhibitions. As the brainchild of Joep van Lieshout, the initiative is multifaceted with a sculpture garden, as a location for concerts and events and also as an exhibition space. During our visit, 3 works by Santiago Sierra will be presented as a test to explore possible further collaboration. With the exhibition Petromelancholia is reflected on a life beyond the oil. Sanne ten Brink, director of Brutus, will explain the concept of Brutus and the collaboration with external partners (including artists) in more detail.

Hide club
We conclude this afternoon with a visit to Huidenclub, located in the Diepenveen building since 2021. This monumental building houses studios, the VideVide bookshop, an exhibition space, a café and, from next year, will also open workshops to Rotterdam artists. Chantal Schoemakers or Guus Voorham take us on a tour of the building, the exhibition and workshop spaces. Here we also end the afternoon with a drink.

For who?
Rotterdam artists with diverse practices and stages in their career.

Practical Information
Date: Wednesday, September 20, 2023
Time: 15:00 - 18.00 – gather at 14.45:XNUMX
Starting point: 1e IJzerstraat 97, Rotterdam
Transport: with your own bicycle or public transport bicycle (nearest location: Metrostration Marconiplein)
Language: Dutch/English

Due to a limited number of places, registration is appreciated. Send an email with your name to

* 'On that bike' is a translation of the Rotterdam Expression 'Op die Fiets', which means as much as a way of doing things. Literally, “on that bicycle”, modeled after that manner (“in that manner, that way”), where mode (“manner, way”) is replaced with bicycle (“bicycle”). The phrase originates from Rotterdam, but has since spread. Source: Wikipedia