Photo: Quinda Verheul photographed by Kilian Reil

Information and network afternoon


Studio ArtOffice | Realize your artistic plans; that's how you do that

On Wednesday 6 September, Studio Art Office is organizing an afternoon on applying for funding for your artistic plans. We will specifically discuss the three schemes offered by CBK Rotterdam: the Development & Research (R&D) scheme, the Practical Contribution and the CBK Fonds Kwadraat interest-free loan.

After a brief explanation of the difference between the schemes, we give the floor to three experience experts, who share inspiring practical examples. lucila novoa ~ Draai (Research & Development Scheme), Quinda Verheul (CBK Fonds Kwadraat) and Merve Kiliçer (Practical Contribution) talk about their project and underlying motivation, how they approached it, what they encountered and what it brought them. After the presentations there is an opportunity to ask questions and we conclude with a drink.

lucila novoa ~ turn (1979)
Development & Research (R&D) Regulation

lucila novoa ~ spin received an R&D contribution for its research in 2023 On speculative narrative, collagraph printmaking and performanceConnects in this ze a form of critical fabulation, a literary and fictional storytelling technique that Saidiya Hartman has created to give unheard voices a place, with collagraphy (an engraving technique) and performance, which ties in with her need to develop new forms of existence for adopted people of color.

About lucila novoa ~ twist
lucila novoa ~turn is a Colombian-Dutch artist based in Rotterdam. She has a Master of Art Praxis Degree from the Dutch Art Institute in Anrhem. As an adoptee of color, displaced from Colombia to the Netherlands – without her consent – ​​she attempts to rethink and disrupt the Western European social, political orders that surround us. In her artistic practice, she rethinks what it means to be human, inspired by black feminist thinkers such as Sylvia Wynter, Denise Ferreira da Silva and Saidiya Hartman, who argue that the core of contemporary humanity is a struggle defined by a racial order of human existence.

Thursday Hide (1989)
CBK Fonds Kwadraat
In 2022, Quinda applied for an interest-free loan from Fonds Kwadraat to develop and realize a series of new sculptures for her solo exhibition Never Lost in 2023 at Root Gallery.   

About Quinda Verheul
Thursday Verheul delves into the constantly changing landscapes and the influence that humans have on them. She is fascinated by natural forces such as wind, water and sunlight, and often deals with big topics such as the exploitation of resources that change the landscape. Yet there are different aspects to the same subject that Quinda explores in different series. This is reflected in her use of raw, earthy materials such as sand and natural stone. Mirrors are a recurring metaphorical element in her sculptures and installations that invite viewers to reflect on themselves while exploring different perspectives. The result is unique aesthetic installations and objects that can present new confrontational information with a certain comfort.

Merve Kilicer (1987)
Practical contribution
Together with Ulufer Celik, both members from Eat-House Collective, she received a Practical Grant in 2023 for Tongue Twisting DinnersThis series of four dinners explores innovative ways to to initiate a critical dialogue on contemporary themes through bringing people and culinary practice together. Ze try out unconventional formats that use the distance between host, guest and audience.

About Merve Kilicer
Merve Chileceres practice combines artist books and images made with traditional graphic techniques with spatial installations and performances, videos, objects and sound. She draws inspiration from historical forms of culture-art production and tries to translate these into contemporary experiences. Her practice forces from personal experience and tries to find a non-didactic but politically engaged position in relation to my background and history. I often collaborate with other artists and form a collective artistic language. I believe in the power of collectivity and reflect this idea in my daily life by living and working as part of an artist community in Rotterdam.

Practical Information
Date: Wednesday, September 6, 2023
Time: 15:00 PM – 18:00 PM
Location: Auditorium TENT/Melly
Language of instruction: Dutch, presentation Merve: English

The afternoon is free of charge. To make an estimate of the number of attendees, registration is done via appreciated.