The Netherlands, Rotterdam, May 8, 2020 painting Peter Koole photo: Peter Hilz


Lantern window

SREBRENICA / Peter Koole

As part of the campaign Srebrenica is Dutch History From this week on, several activities will take place to raise awareness of the horrific genocide of 1995 among the Dutch population. One of these activities is the exhibition SREBRENICA of Peter Cole.

The painter Peter Koole has made a series of paintings about the genocide in Srebrenica for fifteen years. From June 22, seven paintings from this series will be shown in LantarenVenster. In the series of paintings, all kinds of aspects of the fall, the genocide and the aftermath are discussed. His paintings form a monument to the victims and relatives. "Srebrenica should never be forgotten."  The exhibition was opened in LantarenVenster on Thursday 24 June at 17.00 pm in the presence of Peter Koole.