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Slopera, the tragedy of a demolition street

Event: 25 / 09 / 2020 - 27 / 09 / 2020
Location: Agniesebuurt

During Operadagen Rotterdam, in the weekend of 25 to 27 September, will be performed Slopera. The Slopera is an ode to the city and its inhabitants and their fight against the urban renewal monster. It is an old-fashioned total spectacle where people reconnect through music and humor. A Rotterdam opera in a street that opens its doors for 2 days with exhibitions, performance, stages and a all inclusive hotel packages.

Roffa 2020: 53 social rental homes in Almondestraat will be demolished. In the meantime, while the old residents leave - under the name of Pension Almonde - a colorful group of neighborhood initiatives and city nomads takes up residence: artists, expats, couch sleepers and other guys. In this Slopera the light shines on old and new residents. In the middle of a street exhibition there is singing, arguing, partying and grumbling in his Rotterdam; bark as well, but then just give it another head.


Fri 25 Sep: 18.00 p.m. (90min)
Sat 26 Sep: 17.00 pm (90min)
Sun 27 Sep: 17.00 p.m. (90min)

For more information and tickets, check the website of Operadagen Rotterdam.

Ps: Bring your own chair! And would you like to eat with the residents after the performance? Then choose at the ordering tickets on the website of Operadagen Rotterdam in the dropdown menu card type 'incl. take potluck'.

SLOPERA weekend is realized with the support of the Municipality of Rotterdam Cultuur, City Lab 010, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, BankGiro Lottery Fund, St. Promotion of Volkskracht, GpH Verhagen Foundation, Elise Mathilde Fund, Job Dura Fund, CBK Rotterdam

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Forest polder fox, Florentijn Hofman, Schiedamseweg, 2020. Photo: Otto Snoek

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