Wheat District

Short Cut Wheat District

Short Cut Tarwewijk will be organized again this year together with a group of local residents and many others. The organizers want to make the project an annual ritual. The line through Tarwewijk will be redrawn every year, so that new locations will be visited and new contacts will be made. By anchoring the event more in the neighborhood, the people behind Short Cut Tarwewijk want to make possible what is seen as impossible: “creating and keeping alive a monumental, collectively supported place for the imagination”.

The walk starts at 25 March at 14 hours on the corner of Mijnsherenlaan and Dordtselaan and ends at Pleinweg. The walk takes approximately 40 minutes. Children are also welcome. After the walk there is cake and coffee for everyone. You can register via Pauline Schreurs,

View the walk of last year on YouTube


Short Cut Tarwewijk is made possible in part by CBK Rotterdam