Save your Face

During the Rotterdam Museum Night 2014, TENT presents Save your Face, a project in which visitors are challenged to immortalize themselves by means of clay. How would you immortalize yourself? As a hero, (fable) animal, monster or just yourself? Beautiful, ugly, angry, happy? Accept the challenge and come for 1 night in the TENT Hall of Fame. There are professionals walking around to give you Tips & Tricks. Afterwards, the artist Anne Wenzel selects three winning works that will be fired and exhibited.

Save your Face is linked to the solo exhibition of Anne Wenzel - The Opaque Palace in TENT. Anne Wenzel has been working for more than ten years on a strong and distinctive oeuvre of ceramic sculptures and installations. In her work, beauty fights with the frightening, figuration with abstraction, flourishing with decay. Characteristic is her idiosyncratic handling of material and technology: by experimenting with extreme formats, chemical additives and radical deformations, she explores the limits of the medium of sculpture.