30/05/2024 โ€” 13/07/2024
the Goals Art

Salon of Rotterdam artists 1966/2024

The exhibition runs until July 13, 2024 Salon of Rotterdam Artists 1966/2024 can be seen in the Doelen. The exhibition is realized in collaboration with CBK Rotterdam.

It is not the first time that an art exhibition has taken place in De Doelen. The first exhibition in the Doelen Exhibition Hall (as the space was then called) took place from May 23 to June 19, 1966, the same year as the opening of the building. Eighteen Rotterdam painters then showed their work: Woody van Amen, Trees Suringh, Jan van de Broek, Jan Burgerhout, Mathieu Ficheroux, Kees Franse, Jan Goedhart, Daan van Golden, Wim Gijzen, Dolf Henkes, Wim Motz, Johan van Reede, Guus de Ruiter, Kees Timmer, Hans Verweij, Bouke IJlstra, Jacob Zekveld and Hans Hollenbach. Two of these artists are still alive. Although 88 and 94 years old, they still work on their art in the studio almost every day.

Eighteen young, contemporary artists
Now, 58 years later, De Doelen opens Studio 2 โ€“ de Doelen art, an exhibition space in collaboration with CBK Rotterdam. The work of the eighteen artists from 1966 can be seen alongside the work of eighteen young, contemporary Rotterdam artists: Dietz, Eleni Gavala, Robin van Leijsen, Lorena Rode, Kee van der Meer, Amber Rahantoknam, Lonneke Jonker, Christine Ayo, Hansje Struijk , Carla Menas, Zoe Prasinou, Dreamdrift, Goretti Pombo, Pip Passchier, Katayun Taraporevada, Amy Garcia Kennedy, Julia Gat and Nuno Orlando.

The exhibition is a tribute to the first Exhibition Hall De Doelen (1966-1982) and is also a sales exhibition. All work is priced and for sale. Salon of Rotterdam artists 1966/2024 can be seen from May 30 to Saturday July 13, 2024.

Practical Information
Opening hours June
Thu to Sat: 14 p.m. - 20 p.m
Sun: 14pm โ€“ 18pm
Opening hours July
Thursday to Saturday from 14 p.m. to 20 p.m
Location: Studio 2 de Doelen art via entrance Schouwburgplein 52

Photo: Taufan Clean