Opening of the Utopian Dreams group exhibition (22 / 04 / 16 - 10 / 07 / 16). Photo: Aad Hoogendoorn

Raw Rotterdam

Roughness seems to be part of the DNA of Rotterdam. What happens to the rawness of Rotterdam when the center becomes a 'city lounge' and the fringes are pushed back further and further? What makes Rotterdam unique?

On Thursday 12 in May at 20.00 hour artists Joep van Lieshout, Wim Gijzen, and designer Richard Hutten will discuss the DNA of Rotterdam with moderator Christine de Baan. The evening takes place in the context of the group exhibition Utopian Dreams, in which extraordinary plans and dreams of artists for Rotterdam have been brought together by Reyn van der Lugt.

Three debates in the context of Utopian Dreams
In three evenings, TENT explores current topics about the city of Rotterdam at the cutting edge. Artists, opinion makers and thinkers address the most important issues for the future of the city. The events take place on Thursday, May 12 (Rauw Rotterdam), Wednesday, June 1 (Rotterdam and the River) and June 22 (Superdivers Rotterdam) at 20.00 p.m. in TENT Rotterdam. The evenings are organized in collaboration with AIR (Architecture Institute Rotterdam) and Rotterdam Celebrates the City!

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