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Radio Paleis Maashaven live from Art Rotterdam

Radio Paleis Maashaven will broadcast live on Thursday 9 February between 15 and 18 pm from the Sculpture Park at Art Rotterdam. In the program, a collaboration between CBK Rotterdam and OperatorRadio, the city is central. We will talk to artists about works of art in Rotterdam's public space and about projects about urban culture in the broadest sense of the word. We also deliver Cardboard Lamb, a series of sound works. 

The broadcast can be listened to via the fragments below.
View the photo report by Boudewijn Bollmann at the bottom of this page.

Image echoes

15.00 Hours

Starring David Bade, Roxette Capriles, Yair Callender
Commissioned by BKOR en Sculpture International Rotterdam, programs of CBK Rotterdam, artist David Bade develops the manifestation Image echo's. He asks eight artists to create temporary works that respond to the famous sculpture collection along the 'art axis' between Central Station and Westzeedijk. 

Operator · Radio Palace Maashaven #5 – 01 | Art Rotterdam – Image echoes – 9th February 2023 – 003

The invisible city

16.00 Hours

With Ayo, Salim Bayri, Johan Gustavsson, Iratxe Jaio, Joanne Jouwsma en anderen
Art Rotterdam is too Prospects, the recurring presentation of up-and-coming young talent supported by the Mondriaan Fund. We will talk to some of these young artists about a less tangible approach to the public domain, with topics such as migration and identity, memory and mother tongue. What is the impact of our personal thoughts on the city? Is there room for our different identities and backgrounds? And what if you don't feel at home…?

By whom is the city?

17.00 Hours

With René Boer, Bruce Tsai-Meu-Chon/Linda van der Vleuten (Opperclaes), Mike van Staten (Save Museumpark)
How can creators and users of the city make that city themselves? What does it take to make public work? Where is there still room for experimentation? 

Radio Paleis Maashaven from Art Rotterdam is a broadcast commissioned by CBK Rotterdam and is made by Kim Bouvy, Mariska van den Berg and OperatorRadio.